Partners & Affiliations

The Philippine National AIDS Council was created in 1992 by Executive Order No. 39 as an advisory body to the office of the President on all matters related to HIV and AIDS. It was reconstituted by virtue of Republic Act No. 8504 as the central advisory, planning and policy making body on the prevention and control of HIV and AIDS in the country.

The Network to Stop AIDS-Philippines is a national network of NGOs and CBOs committed to engage in the national HIV & AIDS response. Envisioned as a sustained functional civil society platform for strategic, collective, and collaborative engagement, its members represent various key affected populations, including support groups of people living with HIV.

A network of Filipino LGBTQ organizations, individuals, and allies that seek to advance and protect the human rights and basic freedoms of the Filipino LGBT community with special focus on legislation and policy-making. The Network’s focus is the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Bill that has been filed in every Congress for almost two decades now.

Dangal Pilipinas, Inc. (The National MSM and TG Network), a coalition in the Philippines with a membership of 24 gay, bisexual, other men who have sex with men, and transgender (GBMT) and support groups all over the country. The network formed after several years of network-building and collaboration between and among community groups working in the areas of LGBT rights and sexual health.