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From Xtra Magazine: Why do transmascs still struggle to get on PrEP?

DATE & TIME: October 14, 2023, 03:00 PM. FILED UNDER: Feature. LINK TO POST:

By Quinn Rhodes (Contributor). 

Transmasc people are at risk of HIV, yet PrEP uptake among them is low. Dr. Radix says that trans men are “less likely to be screened for HIV and also less likely to start PrEP” than gay and bi cis men and trans women. Canadian guidelines recommend PrEP for trans people who have anal or frontal sex without a condom with partners whose HIV status is unknown or with partners who are HIV-positive and whose viral load is detectable. They also recommend it to trans folks who share injection-drug-use equipment. Despite this, the 2018 Sex Now survey, which charts the health of sexual and gender minority men across Canada, found that HIV-negative trans and non-binary respondents were two to three times less likely to report PrEP use than cis respondents. 

Read full article: Xtra Magazine (Also: Download PDF copy)

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